Positionsales director reserve cadres

Recruitment period: long term

Job requirements:

Male or female: 26-40 years old, college or above

1. Careful and rigorous in work, friendly to others, good at communicating with others, with a collective concept;

2. Responsible for making various business plans in the marketing work;

3. Responsible for checking and supervising the implementation of marketing plans and the implementation of work;

4. Understand the operation status of similar products and enterprises in the same industry;

5. Put forward reasonable Suggestions to the direct superior after grasping the investment attraction and market development status;

6. Fire products sales experience and market development experience is preferred;

7. Please send your resume to for an appointment.

Positionsales representative

Recruitment period: long term

Recruitment number: 10, regardless of gender, age: 23-35;

Job requirements:

1. Strong communication and coordination skills, careful and rigorous in work;

2. Be able to travel abroad for a long time;

3. Experience in selling fire products or similar work is preferred;

4. Salary is negotiable; Please send your resume to

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