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We sincerely invite agents from all over the country to cooperate, recruit sales representatives from all over the country to join our team, our company will provide professional service and product installation training, our company has strong technical and after-sales service support, we sincerely invite people of different interest to cooperate and participate.

Telephone number: 0757-81284002, 81284005

Sales manager: 0757-81271928

Tianyu company's services:

Service is a kind of culture. In tianyu, service not only represents a system and procedure, but also has been integrated into tianyu's corporate culture and accepted and pursued by all employees. The company provides users with high-quality and efficient services, and continuously improves the service quality through service and communication. Meanwhile, the company seeks to improve the service content and service mode, so as to benefit both parties.

★Service concept: customer first, hard service, zero distance, zero complaints

Tianyu enterprise to provide users with standardized, professional, diversified, productized services. Standardization represents service standards, specialization represents service quality, diversification represents service content, and productization represents different service quality and value, all of which are measured by customer satisfaction.

★Service tenet: quality to win the trust of people, reputation contact people, service moved by people

(1) to provide users with continuous, efficient, fast service, build quality service brand;

(2) establish a perfect service system to provide users with professional, standardized, diversified and productized services;

(3) set up user-centered work style, with customer satisfaction as the criterion for measuring all work;

(4) absolutely ensure that the customer is responsible for the service to customer satisfaction, to provide customers with product technical advice.

★Service content: perfect service, tailor-made for you

(1) technical consulting services: to provide product technical consulting services for the company's customers;

(2) information inquiry service: provide company customers with project history information, including product information, technical service records inquiry;

(3) technical service acceptance: to provide customers with hotline technical support, remote technical support, on-site technical services, equipment maintenance services, telephone call service, and provide regular services for customers.

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