Company Profile

  Nanhai Tianyu intelligent Fire Extinguishing Device Co.,Ltd.fis a high-run enterprise with an integration of research and development,production and sales,engineering designing,installation and service of fire extinguishing products.   

Established in 2001, "Tianyu" absorbed development,production the fire extinguishing products all the time. Now, there are more than 60 technical persons in the enterprise. Among them, including 39 engineers, 12 have senior the title of a technical post, 16 have intermediate the title of a technical post. 

The company succeeds in developing and producing a new generation of intelligent active fire extinguishing product that takes the lead of international standard—"Tianyu"intelligent active water spraying fire-extinguishing device. 

In 2002, our company passed the IS09001: 2000 Quality Control System certificate. At present, the company has already set up and perfected the computer LAN, such as purchasing , production、stock、selling、serving have realized the real-time、effective、automatic management of every link inside the company. 

"Tianyu"intelligent active water spraying fire-extinguishing System and devices all have won more than 20 national patents. The product is suitable for house and industrial buildings of height more than 8 meters in No.611 regulations of《Gb50084》,and satisfy《Auto tracking and targeting jet suppression system》GB 25204-2010 of national standard. 

Company staff research and exploitation sincerely in the past few years,there is good application in the large large-scale space building at Convention and Exhibition Center, airport, railway station , parking lot, market, theater, factory building , warehouse etc. In addition, company has joined into《Code of design for large-space intelligent active control sprinkler systems) DBJ 15-34-2004 of Guangdong standard, {Code of design for large-space intelligent active control sprinkler systems》DB62/T25-3045-2009 of Gansu standard,and《Technical specification for large-space intelligent active control sprinkler systems) CECS 263:2009 of China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization standard,have made the contribution actively for this normal approval,for this approval,we will make more efforts to finish. 

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