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ZDMS0.8/8S-ZSS2SCI automatic jet fire extinguishing device, which combines infrared / ultraviolet sensing technology, signal processing technology, communication control technology, computer technology and mechanical transmission technology. Can automatically monitor the fire within the protection range all the time. As soon as a fire occurs, the device starts immediately, scans the fire source horizontally and vertically, and determines the two orientations of the fire source. After determining the two orientations of the fire source, the central controller issues instructions, sends out the fire cantharidin signal, starts the water pump at the same time, and opens the valve. The fire extinguishing device aims at the fire source to extinguish the water. After the fire source is extinguished, the central controller issues instructions to stop the water injection. If there is a new fire source, the fire extinguishing device will repeat the above process, and when all the fire sources are extinguished, it will return to the monitoring state. The water injection form of the device is cylindrical water jet, the range is long, the protection range is wide, and the fire extinguishing ability is very strong. It is suitable for application in sports venues, exhibition halls and other large space places. In addition, according to the actual engineering needs, combined with the field image transmission technology, the fire extinguishing device can monitor the protection site and manually control the fire situation.  

Product parameters

Parameter name



Operational voltage



Power consumption



Fixed working pressure



Targeting time



Rated flow



Protection radius



Installation height



Monitoring radius




performance feature

=When the fire is found early, it is accurate and timely to fight the fire
=The cylinder type single nozzle has the advantages of high fire extinguishing efficiency, large discharge rate and wide protection range
=Bus image transmission technology, combined with field color image signal, manual control operation (on demand)
=Water supply, power supply pipeline is simple, conducive to engineering design and construction
=After the fire is put out, the water jet will be stopped automatically, which can effectively avoid the water stains and reduce the loss
=The debugging and maintenance of the field bus system is simple and convenient

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